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We are a leading stocking distributor from China of hard to find Semiconductors, Electronic Components, Military Components,Integrated Circuits and is dedicated to serving the electronic industry with quality products in professional manner at competitive price.
We have a good credit to our customers, and also we are recognized as one of the highest reputation company in this industry. We distribute a full range of semiconductors (active & passive components), including Mil grade, obsolete, RF and high power components and many application specific semiconductors, as well as passive components.
We have the professional expertise and resources to locate and deliver any type of obsolete electronic component, to any location in the world. In addition to stocking of parts in our warehouses in various countries, we maintain a vast network of domestic and international suppliers and OEM excess inventories that enable us to fulfill most orders the same day. It is our objective to provide our clients with prompt professional service and competitive prices in the industry.
Our Mission Statement:
Great Price with best quality
Dedicated and knowledgeable staff
Quick response and personalized service
Strong global sourcing network
Prompt delivery
About Our Team :
Our company is leading distributor/agent for many reputed OEMs/manufacturers in national and international market.
The Organization is managed by professionally qualified and trained personnel in charge of managerial, technical, administrative departments etc.
We have customers from all the segments of Industries. Following industries are serving our full range of products. The organization’s list includes Government, Semi-Government, private R & D, Defence, manufacturing, repairing….
Space, Aerospace
Communication, RF
Power Industry,
Control instrumentation
Textile industry
CNC machines
Computer mother board chips,
Printer chips & other peripheral chips
R&D and High Technology Area
Satellite communication, RF products
Industrial Motor drive controls, PLC
Embedded systems, VLSI
“We don’t work for customers but we work with customers to attain the Best results as a Team”

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