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Part Number Desc Brand D/C Qty
CY7C037V-15AC QFP CY 05+ 1360
CY7C0430BV-133BGI QFP CY 05+ 180
CY7C0851V-133AC QFP CY 05+ 1
CY7C09369V-6AC QFP CY 05+ 200
CY7C09379V-6AC QFP CY 05+ 80
CY7C1019CV33-10VC SOJ CY 05+ 20
CY7C1339B-100AC QFP CY 05+ 56
CY7C145-15AC QFP CY 05+ 2839
CY7C185-25VC SOJ CY 05+ 100
CY7C199-15VC SOJ CY 05+ 30
CY7C271A-30WC DIP24 CY 05+ 336
CY7C291A-25WC DIP24 CY 05+ 336
CY7C291A-35PC DIP24 CY 05+ 10
CY7C343-25JC SOP CY 05+ 336
CY7C4801-25AC QFP CY 05+ 5558
CY7C63000A-PC DIP CY 05+ 336
CY7C63000-PC DIP20 CY 05+ 343
CY7C9689 QFP CY 05+ 39
D1176Q QFP SONY 05+ 336
D1612GC027 QFP DSP 05+ 27
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